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Folklife Collection - Deviance and the Salisbury State University Wrestler: Selected Folk Tales from 1987 until 1992

by Salisbury University Students (1992)

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In 1992, former Salisbury University student Samuel T. Gardner collected folk material. His collection studies the folk culture surrounding the Salisbury State University wrestling team, which was at times obscene, sexist and racist. The student himself was a wrestler. His paper documents some of the deviant deeds of this athletic community from 1987 to 1992 such as sneaking in alcoholic beverages during bus trips, indulging into dangerous hazing rites, sexually objectifying women and even rapes. In an attempt to analyze the causes of these risky actions, the student argues that disdain towards the Athletic Department may be one of them. Another reason, he said, could be just to satisfy their egos and maintain a facade of false superiority. In this paper, he relates two cases of rape that went unpunished, and criticized the distasteful boasting and lack of consideration of his teammates towards these women. There is more to find out...

Identifier: FK92.036
Repository: Local History Archives
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