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Folklife Collection - Three Lost Souls on the Eastern Shore: A Study of Homeless People

by Salisbury University Students (1992)

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In a series of interviews of local Eastern Shore residents in 1992, Salisbury University students and teachers collected folk life material. Richard J. Stoltz's collection focuses on the life of homeless people on the Eastern Shore. As an ex-homeless himself, running errands across 27 states for three years, Richard felt compelled to conduct his fieldwork on this folk group. In addition to his own story, Richard recounts the struggle of "Three Lost Souls" who battled "unsettledness", dysfunctional families and or addiction. After getting off the streets, Richard helped other homeless people as a counselor in a shelter.

Associated Subjects: Folklife - Homelessness • Folklife - Family
Identifier: FK92.034
Repository: Local History Archives
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