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Phillips, Cooper, Roberts Families collection

by Unknown (1634 – 1992)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Phillips, Cooper, Roberts Family History Collection contains photographs and genealogical information on the Phillips, Cooper, and Roberts families. Included are three pictures of the Cooper family with corresponding birth and death dates. The collection also contains family reunion pamphlets, an invitation and picture of Aunt Blossom's 95th birthday party, a marriage certificate, and postcards. There is also genealogical biographies for the three families.

Associated Subjects: Cooper Family • Phillips Family • Roberts Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 2011.026
Repository: Local History Archives
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Robertson Family papers

by Roberts, Emerson BryanSeaver, J. Montgomery (1900 – 1970s)

3 folders (0.03 linear feet)

The Robertson Family Records contain three publications regarding genealogy of the Robertson Family. The first publication is titled "The Roberts Family of Wales, Middlesex, Virginia and Maryland being a study of the Ascendants and Descendants of Francis Roberts, Immigrant to Virginia, 1650" by Emerson Bryan Roberts. This publication is an early genealogical history for the Roberts Family of the Eastern Shore. The second publication is titled "Wainwright and Related Families" by Emerson B. Roberts. This is a genealogical history on the Wainwright family of Somerset County. The final publication is titled "Robertson Family Records" by J. Montgomery Seaver. This is a genealogical history of the Robertson family.

Associated Subjects: Roberts Family • Robertson Family • Wainwright Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 2009.106
Repository: Local History Archives
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