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Diary of Anne Knapp Hardy

by Hardy, Anne Knapp (1937)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

The Diary of Anne Knapp Hardy documents a Boston woman's trip from New York harbor to the Mediterranean Sea from January 30 to March 31, 1937. Hardy boarded the S.S. Roma on January 30 with several friends or family and first stopped at Funchal on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Hardy's travels brought her to cities such as Jerusalem, Cairo, Venice, Beirut, Rhodes, Athens, Gibraltar, and Florence.

Associated Subjects: Diaries • Diaries (Women) • Voyages and Travel
Identifier: SC2013.021
Repository: Special Collections
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Special Collections Pamphlet Collection

by Various (1762 – 1985)

9 cartons,  2 boxes (10 linear feet)

The Special Collections Pamphlet Collection consists of over 800 published manuscripts discussing a wide variety of national and international topics. The materials date between 1762 and 1985. Similar topics have been grouped together, but may be found throughout the collection. Some of the major topics included in the collection are: race relations, Australia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, African American history, Native American history, military history (American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War), education, industry, labor history, agriculture, railways, government and politics, international relations, socialism, communism, economics, prisons, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, prohibition, temperance, women's history and groups, and biographies and obituaries.

Identifier: SC2020.032
Repository: Special Collections
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Vinson and Buck Family Collection

by Allen, BetsyAllen, FultonAllen, LoisBuck, LeonardBuck, Ruth Valesca AllenGorrell, Marlene BuckGorrell, WilliamHancock, Julia "Betsy" Allen (1838 – 2012)

22 boxes,  7 oversize folders (10 linear feet)

The Vinson and Buck collection is made up of the personal papers and artifacts of the Buck family. The collection contains personal documents dating back to 1838 and includes the records and belongings of several families related to the Bucks, including: the Allens, the Gorrells, the Raudenbushes, the Klines, the Jennings and the Phillips. The bulk of the collection is made up of photographs that document Leonard Buck’s time in the military, the travels and home life of the Buck family, and local history. Other items include religious papers, personal and business correspondence, and family mementos.

Identifier: 2023.017
Repository: Local History Archives
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