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Bender Family Collection

by Unknown (1772 – 1970)

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The Bender Family collection details the ancestry of the author. The name of the author is not given to this collection, but her last name is Bender. The author starts with her ancestor from Adams County, Pennsylvania and traces it all the way until she moves to Salisbury, Maryland. The ancestry tracks the family's church involvement until her mother is born. Her mother was born, Evelyn Elizabeth Elliott, blind and married John Royston Green, another blind person. The two would raise the author and her brother through World War I, The Great Depression, and World War II.

Identifier: 1987.001
Repository: Local History Archives
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Diary of Second World War Sergeant

by Unknown (1945)

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This diary was written by an unidentified sergeant in the Second World War between August 14 and December 30. The author, who wrote short entries with high intensity, was ordered from Pearl Harbor to Wakayama, then Osaka, Japan. The author was a part of the first troops to enter the areas after the Japanese surrender and he described the environment in detail. In November he wrote about the suicide of a 20 year old soldier in his platoon one month before they were sent home. At the back of the diary, the author listed all of the ships that he had been on during his service.

Identifier: SC2014.003
Repository: Special Collections
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Japanese Second World War Commemorative Postcards

by Postal Forwarding Bureau of Japan (circa 1942)

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These three postcards were issued by the Postal Forwarding Bureau of Japan during the Second World War and commemorate early military victories: the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1941, the capture of the Anti-Aircraft Battery at Wong Neichong on December 19, 1941, and the Fall of Singapore on February 17, 1942.

Identifier: SC2017.031
Repository: Special Collections
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