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Mississippi Cotton Plantation Photograph

by Unknown (1909)

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This stereoview photograph depicts African American individuals picking cotton on a Mississippi plantation. Text on the verso describes the process of cotton picking.

Associated Subjects: Photography • Racism • Farm Life • African American History
Identifier: SC2016.116
Repository: Special Collections
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Pro-Segregation Pamphlets

by Association of Citizens' Councils of MississippiGeorgia Commission on Education (circa 1954 – 1957)

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The Pro-Segregation pamphlets include 9 pamphlets published in the 1950s that supported racial segregation. Eight are from the Citizens' Council (of Greenwood, Mississippi) and one is from the Georgia Commission on Education. These pamphlets were used to rally public and political resistance against the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling on school segregation. The Citizens' Council encouraged resistance to integration through legal means and education through propaganda like these pamphlets rather than through physical and violent actions like those of the Ku Klux Klan.

Associated Subjects: Pamphlet • Race Relations • Racism • Segregation
Identifier: SC2021.009
Repository: Special Collections
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Sharecropping Contract (De Soto County, Mississippi)

by Unknown (1867)

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This sharecropping contract was written in 1867 between a former slave and a white landowner in DeSoto County, Mississippi. The freedman used an X to indicate consent for his signature since he couldn't read or write. The transcribed and digitized contract is attached.

Associated Subjects: Minutes (Records) • Farm Life • African American History
Identifier: SC2014.069
Repository: Special Collections
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The Mentor Collection

by Mentor Association (1916 – 1919)

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The Mentor was an American educational serial published from 1913 to 1930. Each issue of The Mentor focused on a different topic and were written by guest authors and the editorial staff. Most issues also included full page images with descriptions on the back. This collection of The Mentor dates from 1916 to 1919 and includes issues 118 thru 193 with some gaps.

Associated Subjects: Art • Education • Environmental History • Government • Industry • Military History • Music • Photographs • Publications
Identifier: SC2023.001
Repository: Special Collections
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