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Diaries of Charles Sheafe, Jr.

by Sheafe, Charles Jr. (1905 – 1919)

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These three five-year diaries were written by Charles M. Sheafe, Jr. between 1905 and 1920. Sheafe, who was an Episcopalian and Republican who graduated from the Harvard University Law School in 1901 and took the Bar Examination in 1902, was a noted attorney in New York City and State. While Sheafe resided in Rye, New York, he frequently traveled on train to cities throughout New England. Beginning in 1905, he worked in the legal department of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Rail Road Company at a time when banker J.P. Morgan was criticized for monopolizing transportation through the company. Sheafe was a member in many different clubs and organizations, including the Port Chester "4 Minute Men," Sons of the American Revolution, Republic Lodge Masons, and the Harvard, Apawamis, and Manursing Island Clubs. Sheafe wrote entries for each day throughout the 14 year period and oftentimes commented on world affairs.

Associated Subjects: City and Town Life • Diaries • Diaries (Men) • Voyages and Travel • Labor History
Identifier: SC2015.034
Repository: Special Collections
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First World War Women's Organization Ledger (Meriden, Connecticut)

by Unknown (circa 1918)

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This ledger contains the names, addresses, telephone numbers, occupations, working hours, and additional lines of work for women who were part of a Connecticut organization (likely Meriden) circa 1918. The women are listed in companies and each has a rank (Captain, Lieutenant, Private). It is likely that the women were either Minute Women or part of the Connecticut State Council of Defense. Other lines of work listed for the women were Red Cross, surgical, nursing, visiting, reading aloud, stenography, clerical, accounting, auto driving, sewing, gardening, playground, and more. Also included are definitions for various crimes including treason.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Ledger • Minutes (Records) • World War, 1914-1918 • Military History • Women's History
Identifier: SC2016.007
Repository: Special Collections
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J.E. Short and Company Ledger (Killingly, Connecticut)

by Short, John E. (1853 – 1854)

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This ledger was kept by John E. Short of Killingly, Connecticut from 1853 to 1854. Short owned a shoe store and cobbler shop and the ledger primary documents his sale of footwear and other goods.

Associated Subjects: Business • Accounting Records
Identifier: SC2018.014
Repository: Special Collections
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Travel Diary of Unidentified Widow

by Unknown (1833 – 1834)

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This travel diary was written in 1833 and 1834 by an unidentified widow. In 1833 she traveled from Litchfield, Connecticut to Salem, Massachusetts and attended several religious services along the way. In 1834 she made a longer journey from Cooperstown, New York to Columbus, Ohio, travelling mostly by stage coach other than the steamboat "Michigan" from Buffalo to Cleveland. Along the way, she passed the construction of the Eerie Canal and met an old man with a wooden leg who had fought in the Battle of Ohio, as well as cities including Syracuse, Geneva, Seneca Falls, Clariena Hollow, Lyme, and Rochester. The transcribed diary is attached.

Associated Subjects: Diaries • Diaries (Women) • Religious History • Voyages and Travel
Identifier: SC2017.058
Repository: Special Collections
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