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Before we begin, if the website to the right looks like this image:

Mobile Site

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Finding Print Books

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You can search for books from the main library page! Just type in the title, author or keywords in the Quick Search Box at the top of the page.

Main Page

If you already know what you're looking for, type your own search terms in the box now. If not, just use our example of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" to follow along.

Finding Print Books

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The results you see are all different formats from libraries all over the world. If you don't see what you want right away, limit your choices to Print book or eBook using the filters on the left side of the page.


You'll also notice each item lists the institution that owns it in green.

Find a book you are interested in that is owned by the Salisbury University Libraries and click on the title in the results list. If no items are owned by us, try a different search for now.

Possible Locations

Finding Print Books

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As you can see, clicking on the title takes you to a page that tells you more about that title.

Look for a section on the page titled "Find a copy in the library". Here you can find lots of information about how to locate the book when you come to the library.

Finding Print Books

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Location tells you what library or section the book is in. Salisbury has multiple locations, so make sure you note which one your book is in.


The status tells you if the book is on the shelf or checked out.


The call number is the address of your book. Before you go looking, write it down or take a picture with your phone. If you have trouble tracking it down check this call number locator map or ask a librarian for help!

 Call Number

Finding Print Books

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What can you do if you can't find the book on the shelf, even with all this information?

Finding Print Books

6 of 7Then just grab your book and take it to the circulation desk, along with your Gull Card, and check it out. For more information about loan periods, fines, or other policies, look here!

Finding Print Books

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If you're ready, click the arrow below to continue to the final quiz. Your score on this quiz will be sent to your professor.


This is the final quiz. Your answers will be graded.

Which of the following pieces of information is not found on the book's information page.

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