ATTR 610: Research Methods for Clinical Practice: Citing Sources in AMA

Open ATTR 610: Research Methods for Clinical Practice: Citing Sources in AMA

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Please proceed to the Citing Sources in AMA page of the ATTR 610 LibGuide. 

Properly citing your sources is essential for several reasons, including:

  • Citing quality sources makes your work more reliable.
  • Proper credit should always be given to the authors of the work you use in your paper.
  • Not citing properly is considered plagiarism. 

AMA Style

AMA has many differences from other standard citation styles. For instance, unlike other common style guides, you do not list your references in alphabetical order in AMA.

Answer the following question after reading the AMA Quick Tips section of the LibGuide. 

How do you order your references in AMA style?

Create a Citation

Choose a source that you have found for your assignment. After looking through the AMA format and examples section of the LibGuide, write a citation for your chosen source. If you run into any issues, check out the AMA Citation Style Quick Guide linked under the AMA Manual of Style section of the LibGuide. 

Further AMA Resources

RefWorks is free to SU students through the library. It is a citation management tool that organizes and saves your citations. It is an excellent resource for papers that involve many citations. 

If you need more help with AMA style or any of the resources listed here, please reach out to the Athletic Training librarian.


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