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Welcome back!  

There is so much to learn about Web of Science, RefWorks, and ACS, that it just didn't all fit into one tutorial without causing major glitches and errors - - so we needed to divide things into two parts! welcome back to Part 2!  This is where you will learn to do the following:

  • clean up the RefWorks record you found in Part 1 (as needed)
  • and, ultimately, create a properly formatted American Chemical Society (ACS) citation 
To get us back to where we left off in Part 1 you will need to see your RefWorks account to the right of this tutorial pane on the left.  As such, if and only if you need to, first log back into your RefWorks account using your SU email address & your RefWorks password.
RefWorks login screen
Once you have done that, look in either your All References or your Last Imported folders, and find the article that you just imported.

(Click on the image below to enlarge it if you need to!)

image of recently uploaded journal article in the Recently Imported folder in RefWorks 

Once you have found your way back to that article, highlight it by clicking on it once, which will bring up its full citation information on the right side of your RefWorks screen.....

journal article highlighted in RefWorks showing full record details

Once you have done that, we are back to where we were in Part 1, and can jump right back in to finish the last components of the tutorial series!

Cleaning up your RefWorks record

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You might notice that once your journal article record has been imported into RefWorks that there are some basic errors immediately visible.  In the example below, you can see that in the main citation record on the left side of the screen, instead of the date the article was published displaying in parentheses, the words 'Invalid Date' are instead displayed.  Fixing this is merely a matter of editing the full article record, deleting the publication month from the full article record, and then saving the edited record.  These few easy steps can change an article's record from incorrect to correct, and can likewise change your grade from low to high - - so make sure to always take the time and double-check your citation information and use the Edit feature to check any mistakes you see!

 (Click on the image below to enlarge it if you need to!)

Step #1 - click on the article itself, and the full record will appear vertically on the right side of the screen.  Doing so will make the pencil icon become visible.

RefWorks article record showing invalid date and pencil icon to edit the record and fix the problem


Cleaning up your RefWorks record

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Step #2 -Clicking on the pencil will open up the full record with all of the fields editable.  If you scroll down to the Publish Date, you will see that it says DEC 2015.  The fact that a month is listed next to the publication year is what is creating the current error of 'Invalid Date' appear in the short record view.  

DEC appearing next to the year in the date field is the reason that there is an error in the article record


Cleaning up your RefWorks record

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Step #3 - Simply delete the date from where it has been entered in next to the publication year, and then back up at the top hit the Save button...    


Delete the month and then hit save up at the top of the edit record view

....doing so will immediately fix the problem within the system, and your short record view will now appear without errors. 

(click on the image below to enlarge it if you need to do so!)

fixed short record view with proper publication year date showing


Creating an ACS Citation

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Now that you have successfully searched the Web of Science database, imported an article into RefWorks, and cleaned up the article record, you should be ready to create an American Chemical Society (ACS) style citation.   

All you need to do is put a checkmark next to the box of any article that you wish to generate a citation for.  

(Click on the image below to enlarge it if you need to do so!)

article record in RefWorks with checkbox selected

Once the article(s) you wish to generate citations for have been checked off, look towards the top of the screen and click on the single quotation mark labeled Create Bibliography.  

Create Bibliography link option in RefWorks

Clicking on this link will take you to a new screen, and you will then be given the option to pick from a drop-down list of available citation styles.  The style that appears in the box defaults to the citation style you last used.  If you do not see your citation style immediately visible in the drop-down list, you can type it into the search box provided to see if it is available.  

American Chemical Society citation styles available

Pick whichever citation style you wish to use.  

Note that for CHEM 441, you should use the American Chemical Society (ACS) Numeric Superscript style!


Creating an ACS Citation

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Once you pick your desired citation style from the list, the articles you chose to be formatted will appear in that specific citation style.  All then that you need to do is Copy to Clipboard and paste them into your Word document, Google doc, scientific poster template, or wherever else you need your citation to be.  

Copy to Clipboard option in RefWorks


Creating an ACS Citation

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By working your way through these two-part *multi* step tutorials, you have learned how to:

  • independently conduct an advanced keyword search in the Web of Science database (using techniques and skills that can be readily transferred to essentially any other academic/scientific database that we pay for access to at Salisbury University), as well as in Google Scholar.
  • how to sort through and use the filters within the databases to refine your search results, helping you to pick the best journal article for your research needs
  • how to export that journal article record information to RefWorks so that you have the citation information and the full-text link permanently saved in the cloud for easy retrieval
  • how to fix any mistakes in that journal article record that might have happened upon importation
  • and lastly how to generate an American Chemistry Society 'Numeric Superscript' style citation for that journal article such that it can be added to any document that you wish

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