If you have the citation for a specific article, go to the PSU Library website, type in the title of the journal (not the title of the article), and change the location searched from All to Journal Titles.


This search takes you to the PSU-only library catalog, which will either display your title or will display a page that says Your entry ___ would be here. If you get that message, make sure you entered  the exact title correctly. If the library does not have that journal in our collection, then request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

If we do have the journal, it will show up as either a print volume, an electronic volume, or both. If ithe record states [electronic resource], then it is available online. The other record will show print or microform availability. Click on each record to see the dates that we have access to at PSU. 



Clicking on the electronic resource link shows what years are available online and will provide a link. Clicking on the print option will show the years available on the library shelves as well as the call number where you can find the journal. Some of our older journals are held in storage, and you will need to make a request to get them sent to the PSU Library, which takes one business day.



If the article is available online, browse the issue, or search for the specific title of the article.


search or browse to find the article