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McLoughlin Brothers Children's Games

by McLoughlin Brothers (circa 1890)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

These two children's games were created around 1890 by the McLoughlin Brothers. The first children’s game, Mother Goose’s Party or the Merry Game of Old Main, does not contain its cards and is only the box for the game. The second game, Young Folks Historical Game, is missing the instruction booklet and two cards. "Young Folks Historical Game" card game with 36 playing cards and an instruction booklet in a paper covered cardboard box; polychrome lithographed box cover illustrated with an image of soldiers in Revolutionary War costume firing a cannon and an American bald eagle perched on a U.S. shield and a draped American flag; box cover inscribed, "YOUNG FOLKS/ HISTORICAL/ GAME/ McLOUGHLIN BROS., New York." In the words of McLoughlin Brothers, the Young Folks Historical Game "affords a method by which the leading facts of American History may be fixed in the mind while indulging in a pleasant pastime." Children learned tidbits of information ranging from the date of completion of the Brooklyn Bridge to the names and dates of significant Civil War battles. Young Folks Historical Game and many similar quiz games of the Victorian era are early variants of today's popular Brain Quest series. "Mother Goose's Party or the Merry Game of Old Maid" card game with 43 chromolithographed paper playing cards and an instruction card in a paper covered cardboard box; chromolithographed cards in pairs with vignettes from nursery rhymes printed on each including "Old King Cole", "Little Jack Horner", etc. and a single old maid; box chromolithographed with a witch, an old lady and personified animals playing cards; box cover inscribed, "MOTHER GOOSE'S PARTY/ OR THE/ MERRY/ GAME OF/ OLD MAID/ McLOUGHLIN BROS. N. Y." [Descriptions from The Liman Collection at the New York Historical Society]

Associated Subjects: Games, Graphic arts, War, Youth Identifier: SC2016.115

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